Road Trip Day Forty-One

Today started with a nice, leisurely morning at the Marriot Gateway.

We all took time to enjoy the morning view:

I went down to the lobby for coffee and milk at Starbuck's, and we ate cereal in our room for breakfast. Checkout time was noon, and we had several hours before we could check-in to the Great Wolf Lodge, so we decided to try and take the Maid of the Mist boat trip up to the Falls.

The hotel let us leave the car in the parking lot, so we walked down to the entry of the attraction and bought our tickets. We had to go down several sets of steps and then take an elevator to get to the boat launch. We were worried that there would be a long wait, and there was a line of people waiting, but it moved quite quickly and we were on the boat before we knew it.

After the Maid, we walked back up to the Niagara Casino near our hotel and had some lunch.

Finally it was time to check in to our last stop on the trip, the Great Wolf Lodge:

This hotel was the newest in a chain of family-oriented resorts that combine two of our favorite things: water park and Magiquest. We had some dinner and then checked out the water park.

The room was nice, with a balcony and a “wolf's den” with bunk beds. Even a 14 year old could tolerate it:

Tomorrow, Magiquesting!


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