Ghosts of Road Trips Past

New York City – 1973 Maybe

These are slides my parents took during a trip to NYC and recently captured onto DVDs. I think these were taken around the time we moved back to New Hampshire and I was in first or second grade:



Washington D.C. – Spring 1975

My parents took my sister Renee and I to D.C. for several days in the run up to the Bicentennial. I remember covering a lot of ground – National Archives, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial, the Capital building (including the underground car system), the US Engraving bureau, Mt Vernon, even the Washington Shriners temple which is the subject of a long-running family joke. Here are some pictures from slides my parents took during the trip. I particularly love Mom’s bell bottoms and Dad’s Nixon pose. Hope they don’t make me take them down!


2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Road Trips Past

  1. mom and dad

    whoa, who said you could put our pictures out there?????????? Did you guys get to the Shriners Museum?
    Looks like you are having a great time and it is so much fun to catch up with each day’s blog. Toby has done a super job on his last two days. Bet it is alot warmer and drier where you are. I had forgotten how much we
    did that week in Washington – don’t think we could cover as much now. Ha Ha Love ya, Mom


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