2016 Baxter and Boyd Lake Trip Part 1

Well, it’s only been close to 3 years since our last family vacation post, but since absolutely nothing interesting has happened in our lives it’s all good!  OK, there were a few epic vacations in there that we want to catch up on.  Here’s some pictures from our most recent one to Baxter State Park and Boyd Lake.

We left for Millinocket on a Tuesday and it took about 4 1/2 hours to get to the park.   At this point we are a well-oiled machine at setting up camp:


After setting up tents we went for a walk around Sandy Stream Pond:


It was a beautiful night, but sadly, no moose.DSC03794


The plan was to stay at Roaring Brook Tuesday and Wednesday night, with an all day hike to the top of Katahdin if possible.  Fortunately the weather cooperated and we made it up on and on the trail by 8 am.  Heres our first stop enjoying some gorp:DSC03803

Here’s the mountain, looking pretty daunting:


Next up, the long slog to the top!


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