Road Trip Day Thirty-Nine

Today was a long driving day. We managed to break down camp and get out of the Pike's Peak campground by 9:30 am. Today's goal was to reach Lansing, MI. We had to go through Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana to get there.

Before hitting Chicago we stopped at a rest stop “oasis” with some good lunch options. The kid's had Subway and Rebecca and I both ate greek food from Kronos.

I almost didn't notice the Mach 5 sitting there, from the underrated Speed Racer movie. Cool!

It took us more then an hour to get around the loop outside of Chicago.

We made it to Lansing around 8:30 pm and went out for food before going to our hotel. Rebecca had been wanting to go to a Moe's the whole trip and it looked like it was going to happen this time, but it turned out to be closing early. Fortunately we were near the Michigan State campus and there were other options. We had to reluctantly settle for a Chipotle's.

Tomorrow, Canada and Niagara Falls.


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