Road Trip Day Thirty Eight

This morning we bid farewell to Jellystone, renting the kids a two-seater while we packed up the car.


We passed through Minnesota, but alas Toby was not destined to earn the geocaching state badge here.

When we arrived at Pike's Peak State Park, Iowa, we were pleased to discover it's a quiet and lovely spot.

We set up camp (the final time for this road trip!) and hit the trails to see what we could discover.


We found great views.

Wooden pathways.


And a fort.

After our hike, we cooked one final meal on the good old Coleman stove, then settled in for our last night in the tents. Sweet dreams are made of this!


One thought on “Road Trip Day Thirty Eight

  1. Mike Vachon

    Little geography confusion here… Pikes Peak… Last I saw, that was back in Colorado?!?! Did I miss something???


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