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Road Trip Day Forty-Three: End of the Road

After a few weeks of rest and new projects, I'm finally able to return and finish this series. For awhile we were all happy just to be back in our home and around all the old familiar things, and to be as far away from the car and travel as possible. It's been a busy time as well: we spent a week up at Rebecca's family camp, and I've made a good start on the new deck with my Dad's help. More posts to come on that later.

Even at this little distance from the trip I already find myself flipping through the posts occasionally. As time goes on I think the value of this journal will only continue to grow for us. I want to thank everyone who checked in on our adventure. Your comments really kept us motivated to keep posting and now we have a living scrapbook to torture the kids with for many years to come!

I've added a page with all the road trip posts listed here. Eventually I'll go in and update them with short video clips for the hardcore (i.e. grandparents).

On our last road trip day we reluctantly checked out of the Great Wolf Lodge and started what would be a 10 hour drive toward home. Our destination would not be South Portland, but rather my parent's camp in Freedom NH, about an hour shy from home. It was imperative that Rebecca and Mom were able to complete their annual trek to the Bead Show in Concord the next day!

The trip through Niagara and over the bridge was slow and involved a lot of merging with other testy drivers. Toby took this picture of a cool candy store on the way:

The border crossing was uneventful, and then we spent a good chunk of the day driving through upstate New York. We stopped in Troy for lunch. Rebecca picked, and somehow it ended up being strip-mall Mexican again:

Toward late afternoon we crossed into Vermont:

We made it to Mom and Dad's around 8 pm. There were a few long faces about having to leave the Volvo for their cozy camp, but we soldiered on:


The next day the boys and I did a nearby hike at the camp ground with Dad and did some swimming while Rebecca and Mom were in Concord. We spent one more fun night in Freedom and finally dragged ourselves into Maine around noon on Monday.

And that's how we spent our summer vacation. The End!