Road Trip Day Twenty-Eight

Today was mostly another travel day. We started with the continental breakfast at the Orem LaQuinta and then started out around 9:30 am for Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. The trip through Utah was uneventful, but once we crossed into the giant speed trap that is Wyoming Rebecca had a little fun, getting pulled over twice within an hour of each other. Her enormous charm only worked once unfortunately, so we had to add a $80 speeding ticket to the glove compartment. They really seemed to like those Maine plates.

At least I got to fulfill my quota of pictures of things made from shed elk antlers:

We hung around Jackson for a while, hitting a used book store, picking up groceries and walking around the historic downtown area (aka tourist trap):

We had a cabin reserved at the top of the Grand Tetons National Park and very close to Yellowstone, in a place called Flagg Ranch. It was getting pretty late in the day by the time we reached the park, so we didn't have any time to do a hike or swim and had to settle for some pictures from the road:

We got to the cabin around 7pm. The campground was near the head of the Snake River, so we had a quick dinner of mac and cheese and smoked sausage and then went down for a evening swim before bed.

Tomorrow, Geyser Country in Yellowstone!


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