Road Trip Day One

A year after the plan was born and after 6 months of planning, the Great Green Iguana family backed out of the driveway of our comfortable little house this morning and started out for a good old-fashioned road trip. We’ll be living out of the contents of the back of our station wagon for the next 6 weeks. Tomorrow maybe we’ll remember to take a picture of the load, but here was the scene in the car on I-95:



We stopped for lunch in Westford Mass at Paul’s Diner. :





Rebecca drove to Connecticut, and I just missed getting a picture of the Welcome to Connecticut sign, so I had to settle for a substitute photo at the next rest stop:



These pictures were taken right after Toby got on the trail of a Geocache in the rest area and before I could stop him ran an overgrown embankment that looked like tick heaven. After coaxing him back up the hill we looked hard for it but the only thing I found was a small hornet’s nest inside one of the guard rails along the road. We may have to rethink that particular activity…

After the rest stop I drove the rest of the way through Hartford and Waterbury, and we arrived in Watertown at Rebecca’s brother’s house around 3:30. Kendall and Patty have a great home but the star attraction for the kids was the backyard. Kendall says the caption for this needs to be “Ha Ha Lena”:


We spent the afternoon visiting swimming and having a great backyard BBQ that Patty and Kendall prepared:




After dinner Rebecca picked up a towel and found this:



Everyone else watched The Great and Powerful Oz and I wasted another hour and half of my life trying to find a better WordPress theme. Soon bedtime and tomorrow, NYC!

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